Greetings/Velkommen/Guten Tag!

This is the public presence of Austin Helgeson. I am notably passionate about all things in life, but especially about technology and revel in learning all I can. I am forever a student of science and technology, but not exactly in that order. I also happen to love to travel and learn other languages. I currently speak Norwegian (Jeg elsker Norge!) and am currently learning German!

A little history: 

After graduating high school, I was unsure of what I wanted to do. A short stint in community college did nothing to abate my curiosity of my future, so I decided to travel the world. I worked and saved up money to travel. A couple of backpacking trips through Europe later, I came back with a reinvigorated passion for my childhood interest in computers and technology.

I went back to community college and earned two Associate’s Degrees. One in Information Systems Management and the other in Liberal Arts. During that time, I earned my A+ and MTA certifications and went through the entire CISCO course with intentions to acquire the CCNA later on. I am now a graduate of The University of Iowa with a bachelor’s in Business Analytics and Information Systems, and currently work at Google.

My passion for technology has led me to many things, including developing Android apps, network penetration testing on networks, learning Python and Java, and anything involving a Raspberry Pi.

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