Android App – Tip Calc

The First of Many


I made a thing! 

Recently, I've wanted to learn about Android Studio and how to create apps with it. That interest brought me to dive headfirst into developing Android Apps while on my winter semester break. One book, some Youtube videos, extensive research through the Google Developer's Guide, about 1 lb of coffee, and a quick intro to Pixlr later, and viola! I made ... a simple tip calculator. 

My Tip Calc on Google Play

A Simple Start

Now while that might be the least impressive thing since Grandma's last Facebook post, the amount of excitement I got from learning the basics of how to do this was overwhelming. So many ideas now; so little time! I've already started working on a few more apps and have begun learning how to make mobile games as well. 

1st Look


What It Does

Exactly what it says it does! It takes the total bill you enter and automatically calculates the tip for you, starting at 15% with the option to move it from 0% (somebody forgot about your drinks) to 30% (see Mr. Deeds, Richie Rich, etc). For testing purposes, I also placed a few translations of the word "thanks" in Norwegian and German onto the main fragment. I did this so that I could update the app and test how to version my future apps. 

Reviewing XML

I hadn't worked with XML much before, but that changed immediately once I started working with Android Studio. Luckily, Studio makes it fairly easy to understand when combined with their Design layout. Piecing the two together, I was able to start writing the code needed to make it look the way I wanted. 



Designing the Screen

The really fun and challenging part wasn't writing the java code for it, but rather getting used to how the layouts worked on the screen. I really like how Studio shows you the design as you're working as a heads up for any issues you might (accidentally or not) cause. 

Try It Out!

Now that it's on the Google Play store, why not try it out yourself! I'd love to hear constructive feedback from people so that I can continue to develop. This was a fun challenge and I can't wait to finish my next one! Don't forget to take a look at some of my other projects.