Interesting Google Analytics Results

After a quick social media experiment to drive a little traffic to my website, I found some interesting data that I’d like to share. I’ll just show a quick 3 things that I found interesting and maybe made me laugh a little (looking at you, #1).

1. The Diversity

Oh, all the Cities! Now I have set my feet on a fair amount of foreign soil, but I didn’t realize I had so many friends all over the world! Especially from China and Russia. Or Saudi Arabia. Or Iran! … wait a minute …

Heat map of site visits

Okay, so not all of that traffic was from actual friends and/or family. Or actual people, for that matter. Either way, 223 cities from 42 different countries. Not too shabby.

2. What page catches your fancy?

Now this was interesting to me, because after looking at some analytics, it appears my home page is rather boring. That, or people are really busy with absolutely anything else.

Site views

In my opinion, I don’t think Resume’s are more entertaining than looking at custom PC builds, but the facts state people think otherwise.

3. King of the Mountain: Browser Edition

Browser use

I was honestly surprised that Internet Explorer did as well as it did (that it even made the list), or that there was only 1 Edge user. Chrome is the clear winner, with Firefox and Safari scraping the bottom of the mountain for leftovers.

Google Analytics is beyond awesome. This is just a drop in the bucket showcasing the information you can mine out your traffic. Check out some of my other pages so that I can get all Sting/The Police “Every Breath You Take” on some more traffic and show some more interesting things!