NES Media PC

NES Media PC Project

     One of my latest projects is something I have wanted to do for a long time:

Create an NES media PC! 

     The concept is simple; destroy an old NES and turn its carcass into a media PC. *NOTE: Before you condemn me for destroying a piece of history, you should know this is my NES that hasn't worked since 1998. I've been saving it this long under the premise that I would fix it. We both know how that went.
Now, on to the project!

I'm going to be using this bad boy:

We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster.
Oscar Goldman

Let's Begin ...

     I started by gutting the old girl. Luckily, Nintendo used to use regular, every day Phillips-head screws before the times of weird, proprietary screws used today. The process was quick, clean, and fairly easy.

Next, I disconnected the controller and power/reset button inputs. The circuit board came next. That's it. There really isn't a lot to an NES. 

Guts of Glory

Lying every internal part on a table really shows that there wasn't much to these wonder boxes. Just silicon, copper, and childhood dreams. Now I definitely did not get distracted at this point, but I did discover that the clicking mechanism on the cartridge holder is about as addicting as popping bubble wrap. Not that I spent 10 minutes testing this theory ... you know ... for science ...


Sven architectural collective

Sven in action:

Still working on this project

Sorry, but this project isn't quite ready for the world to see it yet. Check back soon to see it in all its finished glory!